North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACC) Office

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Christopher Barks

Regional Director​

​The NACC Regional Office was established in Mexico City in 1957  and is accredited to, and responsible for, working very closely with a diverse mix of 22​ Contracting States and 19 Territories.


Our member States range from the largest States to States with less complex systems. This results in very challenging aeronautical issues that require a global perspective.


State/Territory/International Organization compliance with the SARPs can also be challenging not only for the staff of the Mexico City Office, but those entities that must abide by and implement them.


We, in collaboration with the user community and our States and Territories, meet these challenges with a goal to provide the highest level of aviation safety, security and efficiency and promote an environment for continued growth of international civil aviation in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The NACC Office Regional Director, with the support of the Secretary General, the President of the Council, and other Headquarters leaders, is firmly committed to the success of the regional and global aviation goals of each of our member States and their representative agencies, regional mechanisms, and government and non-government organizations.


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