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​​What is the ICAO NACC Regional Office NCLB Strategy?



​The ICAO Council identified there is still a large discrepancy among States in the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). As a result, the ICAO “No Country Left Behind” (NCLB) Campaign was established by the Council to help ensure that SARPs implementation is better harmonized globally so that all States have access to the significant socio-economic benefits of safe and reliable air transport.

In this sense, the ICAO NACC Regional Office has developed the No Country Left Behind (NCLB) Strategy specifically tailored for the NAM/CAR States. The NACC NCLB Strategy is a systemic assistance process, which focuses its activities in the SARPs Effective Implementation (EI) and the solution of Significant Safety Concerns (SSCs), as well as in the identified deficiencies solution in other areas of the civil aviation system related to the objectives of air navigation safety, security, capacity and efficiency, and the corresponding impact on CO2 emissions reduction.

The NACC NCLB Strategy focused its activities on improving the States’ critical areas through a project management process with clear objectives, goals, deadlines, and responsible entities; a systemic monitoring methodology and a timely accountability report for the States and the ICAO Council  


Tailored Action Plan

NACC Effective Implementation Status

4 Phases



Short, medium and long term goals

Forecast of NACC EI


Declaration of intent between NAM/CAR CAAs and NACC RO
ICAO Council President Certificate for El Salvador
ACSA - CASSOS Agreement --

Accountability and Performance Report of the ICAO NACC Regional Office to Member States

(NACC/DCA/6, Nassau, Bahamas, May 2016)

Accountability and Performance Report of the ICAO NACC Regional Office to Member States (NACC/DCA/7, Washington, D.C., United States, September 2017)​
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