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The Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA) was established in November 2008 to use the framework provided by the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and the Global Aviation Safety Roadmap (GASR) to support the establishment and operation of a performance-based aviation safety system in the Pan American Region.


RASG-PA supports implementation of the ICAO GASP and complies with ICAO Council approval of Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs) with the objective to address global aviation safety matters from a regional perspective. Further, the RAGS-PA supports NAM/CAR and SAM Regions in establishing objectives, priorities, indicators and the setting of measurable targets to address safety-related deficiencies in each region while ensuring consistency of action and coordination of efforts.




The RASG-PA vision is to remain ahead of any risks to commercial aviation, seeking to achieve the highest level of safety in the Pan American Region.




The RASG-PA vision is to reduce fatality risk in commercial aviation by ensuring prioritization, coordination and implementation of data-driven safety enhancement initiatives in the Pan American Region through the active involvement of all civil aviation stakeholders.


RASG-PA Membership and organization


The RASG-PA Membership includes:


1.   All the States and Territories in the NAM/CAR and SAM Regions, and States:


  • which have notified ICAO that aircraft on their register or aircraft operated by an operator whose principal place of business or permanent residence is located in such States, operate or expect to operate into the area; or
  • which provide facilities and services affecting the area.


2.       Contracting States of ICAO not meeting the above criteria and non-contracting States of ICAO are entitled to participate in RASG-PA meetings as observers.


3.       Airline operators, international organizations, maintenance and repair organizations, regional aviation organizations, aircraft manufactures, airport and air navigation service providers, and any other allied organizations/representatives.


The RASG-PA members and observers serve as partners of RASG-PA, and their joint commitment is fundamental for success in improving aviation safety.


In order to accomplish its mandate, RASG-PA established the following teams:


  1. Annual Safety Report Team (ASRT)
  2. Executive Steering Committee (ESC)
  3. Pan America — Regional Aviation Safety Team (PA-RAST)



The ESC may establish working groups/committees, as required, to support research, development implementation, and prioritization of RASG-PA activities. They will report to the ESC and the duration of their activity shall be established by the ESC.


RASG-PA Organizational Chart




Current RASG-PA Chairmanship:


States Cochairperson: Tomas Insausti (Argentina)

Industry Cochairperson: Carlos Cirilo (IATA)


For more information please contact: RASG-PA@icao.int

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