MEVA Network Technical Workgroup (TMG)


​Since 1996 , the Caribbean States and Territories agreed to implement new technology to help to increase the safety and regularity of operations through the implementation of a common telecommunications network called the MEVA Network.  Mejoras al Enlace de Voz del ATS (MEVA - Spanish equivalent of improvements to ATS Voice Link) . These improvements were put in place to improve the Regional reliability of the Aeronautical Fixed Services (AFS) telecommunications service. This regional network was upgraded in November 2006 becoming the MEVA II Network. The analyzing and evaluation of the MEVA Network performance is carried out by the MEVA Network Technical Group, composed by experts from each of  the MEVA Members and assisted by ICAO.



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MEVA III Presentation

MEVA Network Coordinator: Ms. Mayda Ávila

MEVA TMG Coordinator: Ms. Dulce Roses

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