Third NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group
Meeting (ANI/WG/3) 
ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 4 to 6 April 2016
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Final Report
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OB/01--​Order of Business – Monday 4 April 2016--
OB/02​​--​Order of Business – Tuesday 5 April 2016​--
​OB/03​--​​Order of Business – Wednesday 6 April 2016​--
--​​--​ANI/WG/3 Work Sessions --​​​--



Discussion Papers 
DP/014.1​​​PBN Task Force Progress Report -Presented by the PBN Task Force Rapporteur​05/04/16--​​
DP/024.1​ANI/WG ATFM Implementation Task Force Progress Report -Presented by the ATFM Task Force Rapporteur05/04/16​--
DP/03​4.1​AIDC Task Force Progress Report -Presented by the AIDC Task Force Rapporteur05/04/16​​--
​DP/04​4.1​Work Session of ADS-B Task Force -ADS-B Task Force Rapporteur05/04/16​​​--
ND/05​4.1​Informe del Avance del Grupo de Tarea de AIM  - Presented by the AIM  Group Relator​05/04/16--​
​DP/06​4.1​Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) Task Force Report -Presented by the AMHS Task Force Rapporteur05/04/16​ ​--



Working Papers

WP/01​1​Provisional agenda and Schedule of the Third NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group Meeting (ANI/WG/3) - Presented by the Secretariat09/02/16
​WP/02​2​Review and Follow-Up to Relevant and Valid Conclusions/Decisions of the ANI/WG/2 Meeting - Presented by the Secretariat​29/02/16
​WP/03​3.1​Implementation of the ICAO NACC Regional Office No Country Left Behind (NCLB) Strategy - Presented by the Secretariat​22/03/16
​WP/04​3.3​Follow-Up to the Development of the Electronic Regional Air Navigation Plan (eANP) - Presented by the Secretariat​22/03/16
​WP/053.4.1​​​Review of Regional Supplementary Procedures (Doc 7030) - Presented by the Secretariat​22/03/16
​WP/06​3.4.2​Results of the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) - Presented by the Secretariat​22/03/16
​WP/07​4.1​Progress of the NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group (ANI/WG) - Presented by the ANI/WG Chairperson 25/03/16​
​WP/08​4.1​Preliminary Progress Report by PBN Task Force - Presented by ANI/WG PBN TF Rapporteur04/03/16
​WP/094.1​​Preliminary Progress Report by ATFM TF, - Presented by ATFM Task Force Rapporteur21/03/16​
WP/10​​4.1​Preliminary Progress report by AIDC Task Force Including FPL - Presented by AIDC Rapporteur​31/03/16
WP/11​​4.1​Preliminary Progress report by ADS-B Task Force- Presented by the ADS-B Task Force Rapporteur​30/03/16
​WP/12​4.1​Preliminary Report on the Progress of the AIM Task Force - Presented by the AIM Task Force Rapporteur04/03/12​​
​WP/13​4.1​Preliminary progress Report by AMHS Task Force - Presented by AMHS Task Force Rapporteur0​2/03/16
​WP/146​​​Planning Considerations on the Events held by the ICAO NACC Regional Office (ICAO NACC)- Presented by Cuba23/03/16
WP/15​--- ​C A N C E L L E D ​----​​--​​
​WP/16​4.1​Air Traffic Services Interfacility Data Communication Implementation in the North American, Central American, Caribbean and South American Regions - Presented by United States22/03/16
WP/17​4.1​​​United States update on the North American Common Interface Control Document (NAM ICD) Version ‘E’ - Presented by United States04/03/16
​WP/18​2​Reduction and Harmonization of Longitudinal Separation Minima- Presented by United States​04/03/16
​WP/19​4.2​Progress on RPBANIP Targets - Presented by the Secretariat30/03/16​​
​WP/20​4.1​Progress Report of the Sixth Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group Meeting (E/CAR/NTG/6) and Fourth Eastern Caribbean Surveillance Data Sharing Group Meeting (E/CAR/RD/4) - Presented by E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur22/03/16 ​--
WP/21​5​​Training matters in the NAM and CAR Regions - Presented by the Secretariat​03/04/16​--
​WP/22​4.1​Meteorological Information Exchange - Presented by the Secretariat03/04/16​ ​--
WP/23​4.1​Single Eastern Caribbean (E/CAR) AIM-QMS Meeting - Presented by the Secretariat05/04/16​


Information Papers 

​--​List of Working and Information Papers - Presented by the Secretariat​05/04/16
IP/02​4.1​AIM/ATM/CNS Progress in the E/CAR Region,  - Presented by  E/CAR/CATG Chairperson09/03/16--​
IP/03​2​Review and Follow-Up to Relevant and Valid Conclusions/Decisions of the CAR/SAM Regional Planning and Implementation Group (GREPECAS) of the Third Meeting of the Programmes and Projects Review Committee (PPRC/3),

- Presented by the Secretariat
NI/04​4.2​​​Avances PBN en COCESNA, Módulo B0 ASBU y Metas de la Declaración de Puerto España - Presented by COCESNA​23/03/16​--
​IP/05​4.1​Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) Process utilized in the establishment of a new West Atlantic Route System (WATRS) Route (NAM/CAR/SAM NATIONAL ROUTE L463)

- Presented by United States
IP06​2​ADS-B Implementation Status in the United States, Presented by United States17/03/16​--
​IP/07​4.1​MEVA III Network Overview - Presented by United States04/03/16 ​--
​IP/084.1​​Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center, Miami High Sector 40: Improving Operations, Presented by United States04/03/16 ​--
NI/094.3​Avances en la Implementación del Bloque 0 de ASBU Modulo B0-105/AMET, en la República de Cuba - Presented by Cuba21/03/16--​
​NI/10​4.3​Avances en la Implementación del Bloque 0 de ASBU Modulo DAIM, en la República de Cuba- Presented by Cuba21/03/16​--
​IP/11​4.3​Haiti ATM Planning: towards the adoption of ASBU Methodology, Presented by Haiti18/03/16 ​--
IP/124.3​​U.S. Implementation of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Block 0 Modules - Presented by United States​21/03/16​--
​IP/13​4.1​Caribbean Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Survey Results - Presented by United States30/03/16​​​--
IP/144.1​​​Establishment of the Caribbean Regional Implementation Group for Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)/Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)  - Presented by CANSO and United States​31/03/16 --​​
​IP/15​3.2​Relevant ICAO SARPS amendments for Air Navigation Implementation/ ANIWG
- Presented by the Secretariat
IP/16​4.1​VHF Coverage Issue Resolution within the Haitian FIR - Presented by Haiti​03/04/16 ​--
P/016​​​Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) - Presented by the Secretariat​29/03/16--​
P/024.1Automation Interface Update​, - Presented by United States 04/03/16​--
P/034.1North American (NAM) Common Coordination Interface Control Document (ICD) Version ‘E’ Update - Presented by United States​04/03/16​--
P/04​4.1​A No Country Left Behind Initiative: implement - Presented by the Secretariat​01/04/16 --​​
​P/05​4.4​Regional Technical Cooperation Project for the Caribbean - Presented by the Secretariat​04/04/16 ​--
​P/06​4.1​ICAO/IATA/CANSO Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Harmonization, Modernization and Implementation Meeting for the Caribbean (CAR Region) - Presented by the Secretariat04/04/16​--



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