ICAO/FAA Workshop/Meeting on the Follow-up to the Implementation of the ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) in the NAM/CAR Regions ​
Miami, Florida, United States, 10 to 12 April, 2012




Mr. Julio C. Siu, Event Coordinator


​General Information


Group Picture


​Summary of Discussions




​Number Item​ ​Title
D1-1​ ​-- ICAO ATN/AMHS Overview, Relevant SARPs and Regional Implementation issues ​
​D1-2 ​-- ​Recent Examples of AMHS Implementation
​D1-3 ​​-- ​Operational Considerations for AMHS
D1-4​ ​​-- ​FAA –Asia / Pacific Region Status
D1-5​ ​​-- ​Regional IP Addressing
D2-1​ ​​-- ​International User Connection
D2-2​ ​​-- ​Turks and Caicos Islands AMHS Implementation
D2-3​ ​​-- ​AFTN-AMHS Status and Planning
D2-4​ ​​-- ​AMSS-TTCAA Project Implementation Plan
D2-5​ ​​-- ​AMHS Implementation Status
​D2-6 ​--​ ​Implementation of the AMHS
​D2-7 ​​-- ​Suggested Transition Process for AMHS Service
​D3-1 ​--​ ​ICAO What's Next AMHS related issues





​Number ​Item Title​
​1 ​-- ​EUR AMHS COM Centre Training Guidelines
​2 ​-- ​PENS-SWIM-AMHS Concepts - FollowUp EANPG Conclusion 53/18
​3 ​-- ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC) Users Training Including AMC Phase 2 functions ​






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