ICAO/FAA Workshop on ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation

Mexico City, Mexico, 19 to 22 May 2014


ADS-B Task Force Follow-up Meeting

Mexico City, Mexico, 23 May 2014





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​ADS-B TF Meeting Agenda
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Note: Modules 1 to 7 will be only provided in hard copies. 


​# Module ​Title ​Date ​Language
P/01 ​1 ​Workshop Introduction - ADS-B/MLAT References and ASBU Implementation  (Presented by ICAO) ​16/05/14
P/02 ​8 ​Implementation Guidance for ADS-B/MLAT and Implementation in the  CAR/NAM Regions (Presented by ICAO) ​20/05/14
P/03 ​8 ​ATM Situational Awareness (Presented by ICAO) ​22/05/14
P/04 8 ​Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano – ADS-B Implementation (Presented by Mexico) ​14/05/14
P/05 ​8 ​Experiencias y expectativas del ADS-B en Cuba  (Presented by Cuba) 16/05/14

P/06 ​8 ​Ensayos ADS-B  (Presented by COCESNA) ​15/05/14
P/08 ​8 ​Satellite Based ADS-B (Presented by NAV Canada) ​14/05/14
P/09 ​8 ​ICAO ASIA PAC Regional Activities for ADS-B (Presented by ICAO) ​14/05/14
P/10 ​8 ​Avances del Grupo de Tarea de ADS-B del ANI/WG (Presented by ADS-B Task Force Rapporteur) ​14/05/14
P/11 ​8 ​Benefits of CNS/ATM Implementation for the Region – Information for Reference (Reference Information by IATA) ​14/05/14
P/12 ​8 ​ATM-A Guide to Global Surveillance (Reference Information by Thales) ​14/05/14


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