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Human Resources

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Human Resources


A total of 688 staff were in service on 31 December 2015, including 515 financed by the Regular Programme Budget, 61 by the Administrative and Operational Services Costs (AOSC) fund, and 112 by extra-budgetary funds. Of the total number of staff, 334 were in the Professional (P) and higher categories, and 354 in the General Services (GS) category. Ninety Member States were represented in the Secretariat in the Professional and higher categories.


The overall representation of women reached 30 per cent in the P and higher categories. At the senior level, representation stood at 5 per cent for D-1 posts and, for the first time in the history of ICAO, a woman was appointed to the post of Secretary General. Throughout the year, the Organization also benefitted from three Junior Professional Officers, one Associate Expert, nine trust-funded personnel, as well as 50 gratis personnel, who were obtained through partnership arrangements with Member States, civil aviation authorities and donor institutions. In 2015, 21 staff separated due to retirement and 14 resigned.


In the area of human resources management, the procedures for the recruitment of D-2 and D-1 level posts were clarified through comprehensive flow charts documenting the details of each step and the responsible entity. Comprehensive administrative instructions on the Learning and Development Programme (LDP) and accompanying implementation arrangements were introduced. Training opportunities will be made available to staff through the LDP to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies, with a view to better supporting the Organization in its delivery of its Strategic Objectives and fostering the career and professional development of individual staff (within the context of ICAO workforce requirements and the strategic direction of the Organization).


Human Resources management sections continue to critically review and update rules and procedures for the administration of ICAO’s human resources. Medical services to staff and delegations were also improved through an expansion of the Medical Centre.

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