Supporting Implementation Strategies — Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology


ICT Evolution and Strategic outlook


In 2015, ICT continued to deliver robust high-quality information systems in support of the Organization’s strategic objectives with a view to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness and reducing Organization-wide overall operating costs. The roll-out of IP telephony was completed for all Secretariat staff. Integrated with the existing Unified Communication Platform, the service will improve communication and collaboration within the Secretariat and with the Regional Offices. The roll-out for National Delegations and Regional Offices is expected to take place in 2016.


IT assets are now being recorded in a central database. This is integrated with the back-end server management and end user tools, such as the new ServiceDesk tool. This approach will enable faster resolution of problems and better incident handling. ICAO’s new event registration system, comprised of an online component and an onsite component, was successfully launched in 2015. The system now has more than 4 000 event participants in its database and is currently in use at the Lima and Cairo Regional Offices and at Headquarters. An extension to the system was specially implemented for Delegations to handle bulk registration of delegates and State representatives for ICAO events.


The initiation of major upgrades to ICAO’s internal and public web platforms as well as the completion of a number of key projects, including the Conflict Zone Information Repository (CZIR), were also concluded during the course of the year. Among the most important solutions being developed are those that assist Member States. To this end, several solutions are being explored in order to enhance communication between ICAO and all Member States, thus aiding the effective development and implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices.


Optimization of the Agresso system reporting functions is continuing. This is being achieved through increased interaction with other ICAO systems and applications. In order to ensure system processes are in alignment with requirements, rules and regulations governing them, the optimization includes the continued delivery of business support to the business areas using the Agresso system. In addition, support and training in the use of the various modules and functions of the Agresso system were provided in 2015.

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