Supporting Implementation Strategies — Revenue and Product Management (RPM)

Revenue and Product Management (RPM)


The Ancillary Revenue Generation Fund (ARGF) results for 2015 outperformed key performance indicators and resulted in a gross surplus. The ARGF achieved the mandated CAD 5.1 million contribution to the Regular Programme Budget.


In order to ensure that revenue generation can continue to make a sustainable financial contribution, strict cost controls and an increased focus on investing in new products were undertaken in 2015. These will continue in the following areas:  



​maximizing revenues from existing products by strengthening ICAO’s market position;



​making products more attractive through enhanced online profiles and marketing; and


​c) ​proactively increasing recognition and awareness of ICAO, thereby creating a strong, broader client base.


The new ICAO Policy on Publications directly addressed the risk associated with the downturn in sales of traditional print publications and the unauthorized access of ICAO publications. Member States will continue to have access to ICAO publications in a controlled manner, and the impact of the revised policy will be monitored by the Council.


Efforts to develop new products and revenue streams included fee-based business products, events in emerging areas such as remotely piloted aircraft, regional events, ICAO’s data products, and industry partnerships.


Performance-based navigation (PBN) products and services


ICAO assisted States with the implementation of PBN through the granting of ICAO Recognition of Compliance for instrument flight procedure design to two Chinese organizations. This provided added revenue. Two additional recognition requests and four renewals were assessed with approval expected in the new year.


In addition, the PBN Programme expanded PBN training capability as well as its products and services (business case guidance, PBN Implementation Plan template) in order to assist States with PBN implementation.

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