Supporting Implementation Strategies — Information Management and General Administrative Services (IAS)

Information Management and General Administrative Services (IAS)


Conference, Security, and Administrative Services (CSG)


Major renovations and construction projects were completed in the office tower in 2015 to improve space for Delegations and re-organize and optimize space for the Secretariat. In coordination with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), major maintenance and repairs were completed in the Conference Centre, the office tower and on the envelope of the building. The upgrading of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system was completed, and the carpet change programme continued.


In an effort to create more space for office use, the disposal of large amounts of obsolete furniture and equipment continued. A comprehensive update to the physical inventory system (IMS) was conducted in connection with the clean-up. In addition, training on the inventory management software and scanners was completed for all ICAO Regional Offices at no additional cost to the Organization.


Conference Services initiated the implementation of the new event management framework. This new approach consists in proactively supporting and helping Bureaus and Regional Offices to organize their events and functions by providing centralized and professionalized conference services. Easy-to-use tools, guidelines and simplified procedures are now available to the Secretariat. Event coordination and meeting budget management have been centralized under CSG.


Meeting rooms are offered on a self-service basis to the Secretariat and can be easily booked online. Their status can be monitored on digital door panels. Conference space availability can now also be checked online, through eMeets, a UN room-booking tool. CSG successfully coordinated approximately 500 events in 2015 by optimizing available resources (human, space and equipment). Finally, CSG is now offering complete training and certification programmes for eMeets, Customer Relations Management (CRM) Registration, and event organizers.

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