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Increased Security and Facilitation Efficiency and Effectiveness


To promote efficiency and effectiveness of security measures, ICAO continued to make new and updated guidance available throughout 2015, with highlights being the publication of material on the following topics:  


​• Impact Assessment (in aviation security);
​• Security Culture;
​• Security Management Systems (SeMS); and
​• Recognition of Equivalence of Security Measures.


These documents can be found on the ICAO-NET under “Publications” and “Others”.


Development of guidance on Civil Aircraft Operations Over Conflict Zones also took place in 2015 in coordination with the ICAO Working Group on Threat and Risk (WGTR). A final version of this guidance material is expected to be published in mid-2016.


A variety of other initiatives to improve and update existing guidance were also carried out throughout the year, including:  



​a survey on the implementation by Member States of cargo and mail provisions contained in Annex 17 through State letter AS 8/2.1-15/7 dated 27 April. Results of the survey will be used to assist the Secretariat in the development of updated air cargo and mail security guidance material and capacity-building strategies;



​a survey on screening equipment and security controls for Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) through State letter AS 8/11-15/82 dated 17 November. The survey questionnaire invited Member States to share their operational and trial experiences with screening equipment and security controls for LAGs. Taking into account recent developments and emerging security and facilitation practices, this will be used to update current guidance; and


​c) ​consideration, in coordination with the World Customs Organization (WCO), of the potential of advance cargo information pre-loading as an air cargo security improvement.


Throughout 2015, ICAO continued to improve the functionality of its web-based reference tools. For example, an enhanced upload tool for State-specific equipment lists was added to the AVSECPaedia platform. A new video tutorial was developed to encourage greater use of the platform. It is also intended to highlight aviation security innovation contributions and coordinated efforts undertaken by Member States and other authorized users.


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