Strategic Objective — Security and Facilitation — AVSEC World Conference

Promoting Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness of Security Measures

AVSEC World Conference


Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP)

Aviation Security and Facilitation Assistance and Capacity-Building

Developments pertaining to Annex 9 - Facilitation

Developments pertaining to the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)

Developments pertaining to the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD)

Cooperation with other United Nations Bodies and International Organizations

Monitoring and Assistance Review Board (MARB)

Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects (TCB)



AVSEC World Conference


The 24th AVSEC World Conference that took place on 26-28 October in Dublin, Ireland, was jointly organized by ICAO, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports Council International (ACI) to further strengthen ICAO’s engagement with aviation industry stakeholders. The event was attended by approximately 450 participants, representing key government and industry stakeholders, who discussed current aviation security challenges and issues such as cybersecurity, risks to civil aviation arising from conflict zones, Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs), Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), behavioural analysis, information technology, and risk management. It also provided industry with a unique opportunity for strategic and high-level advocacy.


Conference participants underscored the importance of collaborative and coordinated approaches to risk mitigation, while emphasizing the value of information-sharing to support threat-based risk analysis. In this context, they acknowledged that cybersecurity is a global challenge that needs to be addressed in a flexible and adaptive manner, and highlighted the need for a risk management approach.

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