Supporting Implementation Strategies — Languages and Publications (LP)

Languages and Publications (LP)


In the area of Languages and Publications (LP), 12.02 million words were translated, compared to 10.84 in 2014. Internal staff handled 52.4 per cent of the translation workload and 47.6 per cent was outsourced. The change from 2014 is attributed in part to the preparatory work for the Assembly. Interpretation was provided for 1 136 sittings, compared to 1 220 the previous year. Production of saleable publications decreased by 7 per cent.


As a result of the increase in electronic distribution of ICAO publications, a Policy on Publications was approved by the Council during its 206th Session. This policy addresses States’ requests for unrestricted access to ICAO publications available on ICAO-NET and seeks to preserve the revenues generated by the publications.


LP has pursued efforts to increase efficiency in the delivery of language services by enhancing and upgrading its electronic systems. Furthermore, succession planning initiatives have continued through the outreach programme and the training of junior translators.


Discussions with Member States are under way for the translation of the public ICAO websites into Spanish and Arabic. This will take place through Memoranda of Understanding to be concluded for the provision of these translation services.


In 2015, LP introduced voice recognition software for translators in the French and Spanish Sections, eliminating typing for some translators and easing the burden on overstretched text processing staff. Other options are being explored for the remaining ICAO languages. In Editorial Services, a new desk-top publishing software application has been installed and all the editorial staff have been trained. This software eliminates the need to outsource publications by enabling professional-standard page lay-outs to be produced in-house.


With regard to Document Planning and Management, 2015 saw the deployment of the Records Management System (RMS) in the ICAO Regional Offices in Bangkok, Dakar and Nairobi, further centralizing the filing of ICAO official correspondence. Digital Capture Services (DCS) were implemented, and the digital preservation of archives is under way to ensure that the Organization’s legacy documents are preserved and are more easily accessible. A re-organization of meeting documentation is in its final stages; the goal is to expand and enhance classification and metadata for a seamless operation of the Document Management System. A standardized document management system is being implemented to make information easily retrievable either by repository navigation, text search or filtering.

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