Slot Allocation

In light of the growing problem of capacity constraints at airports and in airspace, which are becoming an increasing challenge to the continued growth of air transport, the ICAO Secretariat undertook and completed a study on the allocation of flight departure and arrival slots at international airports.
The study concentrates on the regulatory implications of the current situation; trends for airports where the demand by airlines to use the airport exceeds its capacity; the regulatory framework involved; and the means by which governments, airports and airlines have sought to alleviate or minimize this situation. The study also assesses current and potential mechanisms for dealing with a chronic shortage of airport capacity and suggests possible improvements of and alternatives to the existing systems.
The study was reviewed by the Air Transport Committee in February 2000 and by the Conference on the Economics of Airports and Air Navigation Services (ANSConf 2000) in June 2000. It was subsequently prepared as ICAO Circular 283 which was published in early 2001.
Click here (pdf) to view the Foreword and Table of Contents and the Executive Summary of the publication. Information concerning the purchase of this publication may be found in the ICAO Store.
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