Forecasts of Scheduled Passenger and Freight Traffic

ICAO's forecasting activities include preparing forecasts of air transport developments, passenger/freight traffic flows and aircraft movements on a worldwide, regional and route group basis, including analysis of the economic and other factors underlying these trends.  


Medium-term forecasts 

The medium-term forecasts are prepared and released on an annual basis. The latest set of these forecasts for the years 2014 to 2016 are available on the ICAO website. 

Global and region-by-region (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Pacific, North America, Latin America and

the Caribbean) analyses of trends in airline traffic along with factors underlying air traffic demand over the 1992-2012 period were prepared. Click here to view medium-term traffic forecasts measured in terms of Passenger-Kilometres Performed (PKP) and Freight Tonne-Kilometres Performed (FTK).

Long-term forecasts 

The long-term forecasts are prepared for passenger/freight traffic, aircraft movements, and related parameters, supporting planning purposes of airlines, airports, air navigation systems and others. These global and regional forecasts have a twenty-year horizon and are issued biennially or triennially as a saleable publication. The latest set of these forecasts is contained in Circular 333 entitled Global Air Transport Outlook to 2030 and trends to 2040.


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