Resolutions adopted by the 38th Session
of the ICAO Assembly

  1. Global Air Transport Outlook to 2030 and trends to 2040 (Circular 333).
  2. Global and Regional 20-year Forecasts: Pilots · Maintenance Personnel · Air Traffic Controllers, 2011 (Doc 9956)
  3. 2013 - State of Air Transport 
  4. 2014 - State of Air Transport 
  5. ICAO Aeronautical Charges Online (formerly Doc 7100) lists the charges for airports and air navigation services levied in 192 States and Territories 
  6. Database of the World's Air Services Agreements (Doc 9511)
    Note: ICAO World Air Services Agreements (WASA) database is being launched as a new enhanced on-line product accessible to States, the industry, and the general public.
  7. Asia/Pacific Area Traffic Forecasts, 2012-2032 (APA TFG/16)
  8. Africa-Indian Ocean Regional Traffic Forecasts, 2010-2030 (Doc 9970 – available in CD-Rom format only)
  9. Caribbean and South American Regional Traffic Forecasts, 2011-2031
  10. Manual on the Privatization in the Provision of Airports and Air Navigation Services (Doc 9980)
  11. Guidance on Aircraft Emissions Charges Related to Local Air Quality (Doc 9884)
  12. Report on Financial and Related Organizational and Managerial Aspects of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Provision and Operation (Doc 9660)
  13. Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport (Doc 9626) 
  14. Policy Guidance on the Economic Regulation of International Air Transport (Doc 9587)
  15. Airport Economics Manual (Doc 9562)
  16. Database of the World's Air Services Agreements (Doc 9511)
  17. Manual on Air Navigation Services Economics (Doc 9161).
  18. Policies on Charges for Airports and Air Navigation Services (Doc 9082)
  19. Reference Manual on the ICAO Statistics Programme, fifth edition, 2013 
  20. Manual on Air Traffic Forecasting (Doc 8991-AT/722)
  21. Policies on Taxation in the Field of International Air Transport (Doc 8632)
  22. Tariffs for Airports and Air Navigation Services (Doc 7100)
  23. Regional Differences in International Airline Operating Economics: 2008 and 2009 (Circular 332)
  24. Outlook for Air Transport to the Year 2025 (Circular 313)
  25. Economic Contribution of Civil Aviation (Circular 292)
  26. Highlights in the Economic Development of Airports and Air Navigation Services (Circular 286)
  27. Implications of Airline Code Sharing (Circular 269)
  28. Economics of Satellite-based Air Navigation Services – Guidelines for cost/benefit analysis of communications, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) systems (Circular 257-AT/106)
  29. Overview of Trends and Developments in International Air Transport (A Paper)


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