Outcome Documents


​​Declaration on Sustainable Air Transport Development​​23 November 2018
Georgetown, Guyana 
Concluding Communiqué: Fourth IC​AO World Aviation Forum ​(IWAF2018)19 September 2018
Fortaleza, Brazil
Outcome Document IWAF2018: Declaration to Promote Connectivity through the Development and Sustainability of Air Transport in the Pan-American Region - Vision 2020-2035
19 September 2018
Fortaleza, Brazil​

Concluding Communiqué: Third ICAO World Aviation Forum ​(IWAF2017)

​22 November 2017
Abuja, Nigeria 
​Outcome Document IWAF2017: Declaration and Framework for a Plan of Action for Development of Aviation Infrastructure in Africa
​​22 November 2017
Abuja, Nigeria 
​Outcome Document IWAF2017: ​​Framework for a Plan of Action for African States (2017 – 2020)​
​​22 November 2017
Abuja, Nigeria ​
​Roadmap for the Implementation of the Lomé Declaration and Action Plan
29 June 2017 
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 
​​Statement on the Implementation of the Antananarivo Declaration
(EN/FR​) ​
​30 March 2017
Accra, Ghana 

Outcome Document: Special Event on Promoting Air Links Between African States and the Diaspora - The Framework of the African Union’s Declaration of the Global African Diaspora Summit 


​30 March 2017
Accra, Ghana 
​​​​Outcome Document: Special Meeting of Economic Community o​f West African States (ECOWAS) Member States 
(​EN/FR​) ​
28 March 2017
Accra, Ghana 
Concluding Com​muniqué: Secon​d ICAO World Aviation Forum (IWAF2016) ​​26 September 2016
Montréal, Canada
Concluding Communiqué: First ICAO World Aviation Forum (IWAF2015) ​25 November 2015
Montréal, Canada

ICAO/UNWTO Medellin Statement on Tourism and Air Transport for Development  

14 September 2015
Medellín, Colombia 

Global Travel Association Coalition Agenda for Growth and Development

16 April 2015



ICAO Declaration on the Sustainable Development of Air Transport in Africa

27 March 2015

Antananarivo, Madagascar


​​ICAO Statement on the Development of Air Transport in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America

​9 October 2014

Montego Bay, Jamaica


ICAO Declaration on the Development of Air Cargo in Africa


7 August 2014
Lomé, Togo
ICAO/UNWTO Joint Statement Aviation & Tourism: Hand in Hand for Sustainability

​18 March 2013​

Montréal, Canada



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