ICAO's objective in the fields of forecasting, economic planning and analysis is to support commercial air transport developments, in particular planning issues related to airports, airlines and satellite-based air navigation systems and services. This is accomplished through:


    • medium and long-term forecasts of air traffic and other planning parameters at global, regional and route-group levels;
    • ICAO's strategy for regional traffic forecasting activity meets the demand for specific long-range forecasts in connection with reducing airport and airspace congestion. Direct technical support to regional traffic forecasting groups is rendered in the region of Asia/Pacific (APA TFG) since 1991, and in the regions of Carribean/South-America (CAR/SAM TFG), Africa (AFI TFG) and the Middle East (MIR TFG) since 1998; 
    • cost-benefit analysis and development of business cases concerning the planning and implementation of communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) systems and related products;
    • monitoring global and regional air transport developments and specific studies on financial analysis issues of air carrier operations; and
    • other economic studies as required.


This Programme also provides services, guidance and technical support to the Forecasting and Economic Analysis Support Group of ICAO's Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP). For more information please refer to Environment website.

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