Airport Economics

In response to requests from States for guidance aimed at improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their airport operations, ICAO has developed the Airport Economics Manual  (Doc 9562 ). The purpose of this manual is to provide practical guidance material for those responsible for airport management in improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the services and so assist in the sustainable development of airport infrastructure. It is based on the international policies and principles on airport cost recovery that States have developed through ICAO and it describes procedures and practices that are in conformity with them.


The latest edition of the Airport Economics Manual  (Doc 9562) is available in the online Doc Series.


In collaboration with the Airports Council International (ACI), ICAO has developed the "State of Airport Economics" which presents an analysis on:

1.      airport industry revenues and cost;​

2.      airport profit;

3.      aeronautical and non-aeronautical charges;

4.      single/dual/hybrid-till; and

5.      public-private partnerships (PPPs).​​


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