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After the successful completion of the first phase of the preparation and submission to ICAO of States’ Action Plans, the focus is on supporting States that need assistance in the implementation of the CO2 emissions reduction activities identified by States and included in the Action Plans, mainly through collaboration with the Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) of ICAO and partnerships with other UN organizations, Member States and multilateral funding agencies.


ICAO announced the formalization of a new project with Indonesia, aimed at improving the management and reduction of its aviation carbon emissions. This three-year large-scale project will be undertaken between Indonesia’s Ministry of Transport and ICAO TCB. In addition, ICAO provided assistance to Jordan to develop its Action Plan which was successfully submitted in 2013. This was the first ICAO TCB/ENV project to develop an Action Plan.


During the 38th Session of the Assembly, ICAO established partnerships with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the European Union (EU) to facilitate financing for States’ action plans.

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