Supporting Implementation Strategies - Communications


The Communications Section worked to assure maximum local and international media coverage for ICAO’s major events in 2013, including the 38th Session of the Assembly and the Sixth Worldwide Air Transport Conference. Collaborative efforts toward event promotion and other communications objectives were undertaken with assistance from Montréal area aviation partners and trade organizations. Efforts were also made to increase ICAO’s presence in relevant international trade publications relating to air transport subject areas.


Compared to the preceding year, 2013 saw a 50 per cent increase in the number of press releases issued by ICAO, and Communications also worked to optimize the public website homepage main rotator and highlights areas to raise awareness of ICAO developments. Good progress was also seen in developing a new visual identity and brand for the Organization, which was in clear view at the 38th Session of the Assembly and in several new publications produced.


In addition to its other core corporate communications and public relations mandates, the Communications Section also developed the majority of ICAO’s marketing communications materials for publication and event promotion during 2013.


At year-end 2013, in line with recent budget and related management decisions, the staffing configuration of the Communications Section was officially reduced from two Professional and two Administrative positions to one of each.

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