Supporting Implementation Strategies - Language and Publications Branch


The Language and Publications Branch handled 13.5 million words, compared to 11 million words in 2012, using 53 per cent outsourcing and 47 per cent internal resources. Interpretation was provided for 1 508 sittings compared to 1 376 the previous year. The production of saleable publications increased by 28.2 per cent, with the expansion of web publishing. In accordance with the free quota policy as stipulated in the ICAO Publications Regulations (Doc 7231), the number of publications dispatched to Member States free of charge was 49 433.


Several new approaches to the translation and interpretation process were introduced, aimed at increasing overall efficiency by making maximum use of available resources. Some of the changes implemented during the past year include:


• Employment of off-site translators during the 38th Session of the Assembly, considerably reducing the need for travel expenses and per diems.


• New productivity standards, aligned with those of the United Nations for translators in the language sections.


• Upgrades to the Electronic Documents and Enquiry Network (EDEN) system resulting in improved statistical reports and planning tools for Section Chiefs.


• Implementation of electronic interpretation assignments, resulting in better planning of resources.


• Extensive training of Text Processing Operators in proofreading so as to add this function to their responsibilities.


• Updating of procedures for the provision of language services to optimize the use of language services resources.

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