Supporting Implementation Strategies - Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


An enterprise data management project is in progress to improve data quality and align data management with overall business processes throughout the Organization. This solution integrates data from multiple sources, markets and asset classes. Also, the new data repositories with in-built data analysis tools will support stakeholder decision making and facilitate the review of historical data as well as future projections. With accurate and timely harmonized data, the Organization can significantly improve the quality and breadth of data available to Member States thereby aiding current and creating additional revenue generation opportunities.


Several knowledge management initiatives were completed during 2013 including improvement of the TrainAir Plus Electronic Management System, and the integration of the SkillSoft United Nations online course catalogue into the Organization’s learning management system. As a result, staff now have access to thousands of online courses and books serving to increase staff engagement and career development. Other knowledge management initiatives implemented during the year include the launch of the Aviation English Language Test Service, and the Economic Analysis and Policy section’s ICAO Air Services Negotiation Conference and Planning System.


The 38th Session of the Assembly, which took place in fall 2013, was one of the largest held to date, with 1 851 attendees. In preparation for the event, ICT significantly improved its support to systems such as the electronic voting for the elections to the Council and the management of credentials. The successful implementation of these systems allowed attendees to complete related activities easily, accurately and in record time. The new electronic voting process was completed quickly and accurately with almost instantaneous election results presented to the Assembly.


The Organization’s public website was further improved by introducing Chinese language capabilities. The homepage as well as select news articles and background information about the Organization are now available in Chinese – and the collection is continuously growing. ICT has completed the migration of six of the seven Regional Office websites to reinforce ICAO’s visual identity.


ICT planned and deployed the necessary IT infrastructure to integrate the new ICAO APAC Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, into the “One ICAO” IT Infrastructure. Despite the tight schedule, staff in RSO, Beijing, were able to access all the IT facilities available in all other Regional Offices from the outset.


The Organization’s online store for publication sales has been redesigned in order to benefit from the best e-commerce practices used in the market. The system was implemented using only internal resources, saving close to CAD 1 000 000 from the estimated implementation budget. The store sold more publications (digital and paper) in its first seven months of operation than ICAO has sold in its best year to date (2011).


ICT created a dedicated euro-currency-based section in the Organization’s enterprise resource planning system, improving the ability to process the European Civil Aviation Conference’s financial transactions by segregating these operations from those of ICAO proper and by removing the need to reconcile figures from US Dollars to euros.

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