Supporting Implementation Strategies - Conferences Security and General Services (CSG)


CSG planned and completed the fully interactive linkage (video, audio and simultaneous interpretation) of Conference Rooms 1, 2 and 3, in order to address increased capacity requirements for important events, including the Assembly. This enabled the Organization to accommodate the historically high number of 1 851 delegates at the 38th Session of the Assembly.


In addition, and building upon improved CSG event registrations protocols, the expansion of the event registration area at Headquarters was completed prior to the commencement of Assembly-related events. This endeavour facilitated the expanded technical and operational demands by successfully linking the registration system with the credentials system, working in close cooperation with colleagues from the Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau.


Further improvements were achieved during the year in close cooperation with colleagues in ICT regarding the Air Navigation Commission Chamber, with the completion of technical projects that now enable the Chamber to fully interface globally, via video and audio, through a remote participation system. The completion of the Commissariat renovation project, also achieved in 2013, has improved the environment and quality of services as a result of the expansion of the facility.


The new electronic Records Management System (RMS) is the Organization’s official system for the capture and storage of official correspondence and documentation. As of 2013, all Bureaus of the Secretariat and the South American Office, Lima, are recording their correspondence electronically, and these digital records are available to all authorized ICAO staff members.


The RMS minimizes reliance on paper documents, favouring the use of email messages as a primary method of communication for official messages. Printing and scanning operational costs are reduced, as electronic correspondence can be reliably stored and preserved with guaranteed integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation characteristics. The relevant policy and internal standards and procedures material were reviewed and updated.

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