Supporting Implementation Strategies - Revenue and Product Management (RPM)


As 2013 was an Assembly year, it saw the usual high demand for most Revenue-Generating Activity services and had better than expected results in publications, distribution and printing, periodicals,  events and the rental of ICAO premises, although revenues from new products fell short of expectations.  Overall the RPM results for 2013 were close to the Triennium Budget target and significantly surpassed the annual projections made at the end of 2012.


The unauthorized copying and distribution of publications through the Internet remain factors that continue to hinder the ability of ICAO to maximize the revenue stream from the sales of publications. In order to address this issue, as well as the increasing need to protect the authenticity and integrity of ICAO information, efforts to develop and implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) guidelines and procedures commenced. During 2013 there were also a number of initiatives in the printing and distribution areas to cut costs to offset reduced sales and maintain competitiveness.


In 2013 a concerted effort was made with all Bureaus to identify and develop new business opportunities and partnerships and therefrom to develop the capacity for marketing,  promotion and selling.  Significant management effort was put into developing revenue-generating policies, processes and procedures, and a new governance structure was established headed by the Secretary General.


In addition to the CAD 5.1 million per annum contributed to the Regular Programme Budget, the Ancillary Revenue Generation Fund (ARGF) also provides a further CAD 5.7 million per annum of funding to cover posts not included in the Regular Programme Budget. This level of support is projected to continue.

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