The ICAO Technical Cooperation Programme - Recruitment


In 2013, 302 international field experts and consultants were recruited by ICAO. Together with 625 national project personnel, there were 1 019 serving officials, including 92 international field experts and consultants who were already serving in the field.


These experts served as advisers to national civil aviation administrations, instructors at training centres or on the job, and as executive personnel providing governments with operational and administrative services – including safety inspections – where States lacked these capabilities.


The recruitment, training and retention of qualified national civil aviation professionals and safety inspectors through technical cooperation projects continued to improve aeronautical authorities’ control and inspection capabilities. These experts contributed to the achievement of the ICAO Strategic Objectives through the transfer of knowledge in various fields to national counterparts, the implementation of ICAO SARPs, the development of adequate civil aviation organizational structures, institutional development and capacity building, and the rectification of safety and security deficiencies.

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