Strategic Objective C2 – Sustainable Development – Technical Cooperation Projects


38th Session of the ICAO Assembly

Results of the Sixth Air Transport Conference

Facilitating Air Services Negotiations and Fostering Cooperation Between States

Infrastructure Management and Financing the Air Transport System

ICAO Aviation Data

Joint Financing Agreements

Cooperation with other United Nations Bodies

Outreach and Awareness Activities

Voluntary Support for ICAO’s Work

Technical Cooperation Projects



Sustainable Development-focused Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects Implemented through the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB)


Technical Cooperation Projects and Initiatives


Africa-Indian Ocean (AFI) Region  

- Signature of a contract for the development of a Civil Aviation Master Plan for one State.  

Caribbean and South American (CAR/SAM) Region  

- Review of airport slot capacity in one State.

- Review of the system for collection of airport charges in one State.

- Assistance in the area of airport master planning for one State.  

Technical Assistance Projects and Activities


During 2013, there were no operationally-active technical assistance projects in the sustainable development field.

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