Strategic Objective C2 – Sustainable Development of Air Transport – Results of the Sixth Air Transport Conference


38th Session of the ICAO Assembly

Results of the Sixth Air Transport Conference

Facilitating Air Services Negotiations and Fostering Cooperation Between States

Infrastructure Management and Financing the Air Transport System

ICAO Aviation Data

Joint Financing Agreements

Cooperation with other United Nations Bodies

Outreach and Awareness Activities

Voluntary Support for ICAO’s Work

Technical Cooperation Projects



A one-day, Pre-ATConf/6 Symposium was held at ICAO Headquarters on 17 March 2013 for Conference participants. This event, which was co-organized with major air transport industry stakeholders, was attended by close to 400 participants, who heard views of key players regarding the major challenges and policy options facing the aviation community.


The Sixth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/6) was held in Montréal at ICAO Headquarters from 18 to 22 March 2013. It was attended by over 1 000 delegates and observers from 131 Member States and 39 international organizations.


The Conference addressed a wide range of key regulatory issues under its agenda and adopted a comprehensive package of conclusions and recommendations that would guide the future policy direction and actions of States and the Organization. The results of the Conference are reflected in four important achievements:


a)    Highlighting air transport as an integral part of the civil aviation system.

b)    Reaffirming the objective of liberalization and ICAO’s leadership role.

c)    Breaking new ground in moving toward modernizing the global regulatory framework.

d)    Providing a basis for concrete actions by ICAO in its future work in the air transport field.


In June 2013, the Council reviewed the outcome of ATConf/6 and approved the recommendations of the Conference.

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