Strategic Objective C1 – Environmental Protection – Ninth Meeting of the Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection (CAEP)


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CAEP/9 was held from 4 to 15 February 2013. The meeting was attended by nearly 200 participants, including 23 Members, 16 observers, and their advisors.


The meeting agreed on a comprehensive set of 18 recommendations related to the updated traffic and fleet forecast, an increase in stringency of the aircraft noise Standard, aircraft operations, developments regarding a new aeroplane CO2 Standard and the work programme for the CAEP/10 cycle (2013-2016).


Regarding the development of the CO2 Standard, CAEP approved the proposed future Annex 16, Volume III, CO2 certification requirement and agreed that it should be published in an ICAO Circular. CAEP also agreed on a comprehensive CO2 Standard setting work plan with a late-2015 deliverable date.


Further progress was made on Particulate Matter (PM), and CAEP worked with SAE to proof the non-volatile PM (nvPM) sampling system for measuring behind aircraft engines. A working draft Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) on the subject is nearly complete. Additional full-scale testing is needed for engines of all sizes, yet insufficient funding has prevented these tests from being conducted.


CAEP also considered two Independent Expert reviews on operational fuel burn goals and on novel aircraft noise technology. The CAEP agreed to publish both reviews and to use the goals in future CAEP work.


All recommendations from CAEP were approved by the Council in May 2013, and those related to amendments of SARPs went through the consultation process with States.

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