Global Environment Facility Earmarks $2 Million for UNDP/ICAO Environment Project

MONTRÉAL, 24 September 2013 The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has approved Project Concept and an earmarked $2 million for a new United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation emissions reduction initiative.
The UNDP/ICAO project objectives include identification of the implementation needs of States relating to the reduction of international aviation emissions as identified through ICAO’s existing State action plan mechanism. It will also seek to support States in the enhancement of related national capacities and in developing processes for lowering CO2 emissions from the international aviation sector.
The project helps fulfill ICAO’s mandate to achieve sector-wide transition to a low carbon future, as well as the GEF mission to play a catalytic role in achieving global environmental benefits. The GEF conveyed its approval of the Concept Document, which had been  developed by ICAO in collaboration with UNDP.  The UNDP serves as the implementing agency of the GEF and will be responsible for establishing practical tools to aid in the realization of ICAO’s project objectives, while ICAO will liaise closely with UNDP officials to ensure near-term and long-term objectives are suitably addressed.
The GEF financing makes this the first occasion where a multilateral agency will assist in addressing CO2 emissions from global international civil aviation. ICAO will continue its separate coordinating work with other multilateral agencies, financial institutions and international organizations that have funding streams dedicated to climate change mitigation. 


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