Seminar Programme

The Seminar on Aviation in Transition was an informal meeting.

Views and opinions of participants, expressed during this Seminar and/or contained in presentations reproduced on the ICAO Web site, are not necessarily endorsed by ICAO or by any of its member States.

Speech (Acrobat pdf)
Presentation (PowerPoint)
The Liberalization Experience      
  Rigas Doganis
former CEO, Olympic Airways

  Alvaro Lisboa
Legal Adviser
Civil Aeronautics Board, Chile
Text in Spanish only

  Joe Boachie
Acting Director General
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

  Amos Marawa
Director, Infrastructure Development,
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
  Hamdi Chaouk
Director General of Civil Aviation
  Francis Morgan
International Policy, Director General for Energy and Transportation
European Commission
  Pham Vu Hien
Deputy Director General
Civil Aviation Administration of Viet Nam
  John Kiser
Chief, Pricing and International Affairs Division
Office of International Aviation,
United States Department of Transportation
Boeing Commercial Airplane Corporation
Presentation by Nicole Piasecki
Vice President, Business Strategies and Marketing
Industry Challenges for the Regulator      
  Giovanni Bisignani
Director General
International Air Transport Association
  Nick Fadugba
CEO, African Aviation Services
  Bert Essenberg
Senior Transport Specialist
International Labour Office
  Ian Lowden
Vice President, SH&E
  Michel Guyard
Chief, General Inspection of Civil Aviation and Meteorology
Text in French only
Liberalized Airline Ownership and Control      
  Barry Humphreys
Virgin Atlantic Airways,
Chairman - IATA International Aviation Issues Task Force
  John Balfour
Partner, Beaumont & Son

Sanat Kaul
Representative of India on the Council of ICAO

  Michael Whitaker
Vice President
International and Regulatory Affairs, United Airlines
Presentation by Barry MacKinnon
Vice President, Marketing and Airline Analysis
Safeguards and Sustainability      
  Roberto Lim
Vice President
Legal Affairs, Philippine Airlines
  Peter Belobaba
Professor, MIT/Concordia University
  Richard Janda
Associate Professor
Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University
  Ambrose Akandonda
Managing Director
Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda
Physical and Environmental Constraints      
  Philippe Rochat
Executive Director
Air Transport Action Group
  Victor Aguado
Director General

*exe file
  Toshiya Morishige
Director, Air Transport Division
Civil Aviation Bureau, Japan
Booz Allen Hamilton
Presentation by Tom Hansson
Partner and Vice President, BAH
General Agreement on Trade in Services      
  Pierre Latrille
Counsellor, Trade in Services Division
World Trade Organization
  Martin Dolan
First Assistant Secretary,
Department of Transport and Regional Affairs, Australia
  Mayda Molina
Vice President,
Institute of Civil Aeronautics, Cuba
The Future of Liberalization      
  José Guedes Días
Vice President, External Relations
TAP Air Portugal
  Robert Aaronson
Director General
Airports Council International
  Ian Poll
Director, College of Aeronautics
Cranfield University
  Shane Enright
Aviation Secretary
International Transport Workers' Federation
  Geoffrey Lipman
Chairman Green Globe 21
Special Adviser to Director General, World Tourism Organization
  Closing Remarks by Seminar Moderator:
Paul Dempsey
Institute of Air & Space Law, McGill University


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