About ICAO


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a United Nations agency, established to help countries share their skies to their mutual benefit.


ICAO assists the 193 Contracting States to the Chicago Convention as they cooperate here to adopt standards, practices, and policies for international civilian flight. Industry and civil society groups, in addition to relevant multilateral organizations, contribute importantly to these ICAO outcomes as ‘Invited Organizations’.


The ICAO Secretariat is funded and directed by States to provide technical, legal, and administrative support for their air transport cooperation. It also develops programmes, guidance materials, and closely integrated auditing, training, and implementation support initiatives to help countries benefit and prosper from their improved compliance with global norms.


The result of these combined multilateral efforts by States and ICAO is the worldwide alignment of air regulations and procedures, and a truly global aviation network to connect and unite the world.

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