By 2027, ICAO will transform its Secretariat into a more adaptive and collaborative organization demonstrating operational excellence. 

The organization will be more results-driven and focused on its people. It will have a transparent, accountable, efficient, and values-guided culture, and in collaboration with key partners and other stakeholders it will become more innovative and agile. 

Together these combined achievements will deliver greatly enhanced services for its Member States.

ICAO's 2023–2025 Business Plan is accordingly focused on transformation, people, innovation, and efficiency and effectiveness when addressing ICAO's mandates.

A new cross cutting Transformational Objective has been designed to achieve these goals for the ICAO Secretariat by driving urgently needed change management through key corporate and innovation projects. 

This transformation complements ICAO's programme delivery toward the Strategic Objectives for the air transport sector contained in the Business Plan, and will help the Secretariat to realize new economies of scale and other efficiencies through more intensive organizational integration. 

Due to the complexity and scale of the Transformational Objective, its challenges will be addressed across the entire ICAO Secretariat during its initial three year implementation period. It's supporting Strategy has accordingly been structured to achieve four Key Outcomes delivering an entirely new ICAO way of working:


These Key Outcomes will in turn will be aided by several interdependent programmes and projects, arranged under three core Transformation Pillars, and the six Transformation Outputs which inform them:


Transformation Outputs

TO-1 - People & Culture

Implementation of a comprehensive People centric Strategy which evolves organizational culture and performance.

TO-2 - Principles & Values

Strengthened adherence and compliance to ethics principles and values, considering best practices of other organizations of the UN system, and development of robust mechanisms of formal and informal dispute resolution.

TO-3 - Digitalization

Modernization and enhancement of ICAOs digital capability through implementation of a comprehensive ICT Digital Transformation Strategy.

TO-4 - Information Security

Strengthened Information Security through a holistic risk-based and maturity-based information security strategy encompassing both organizational and operational security.

TO-5 - Financial Management

TO-6 - Strategic Organizational Reform

Read the full list of current TO projects here.

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