Bureau of Administration and Services

The Bureau of Administration and Services (ADB) is responsible for providing the administrative support required by the Organization and plays a leading role in its effective and efficient administrative management. ADB guides ICAO towards results-based management and a performance-oriented organizational culture to meet the needs of Member States, industries and other customers as well as the general public.
    The Bureau performs its functions through:
  • Providing high-quality human resources and services as well as efficient administrative and management processes.
  • Applying the highest standards of work ethics and conduct, and advancing human resource management to meet changing needs of the Organization.
  • Using results-based management skills and tools to support the Organization in achieving its strategic objectives.

High-Quality Human Resources


ADB focuses on the attraction, retention and motivation of a competent and diverse international workforce in order to meet the changing needs of the Organization. The Bureau promotes the highest standards of work ethics and conduct as well as effective performance management to support a results-oriented organizational culture. ADB is also committed to strategic training and staff development activities in order to ensure that staff develop and retain the highest level of technical knowledge and competencies which are required to serve the Organization.

Effective Information Management


ADB assumes a leading role in information management activities throughout the Organization. The Bureau aims at modernizing administrative processes by moving towards fully electronic workflows and a paperless environment. ADB also provides optimized IT services to the technical Bureaus of ICAO in order to support them in achieving the Organization’s strategic objectives.

Linguistic Excellence


ADB covers all the language requirements for the Organization, from interpretation for meetings to translation and publication services in the six working languages of ICAO.  The Bureau delivers high-quality documentation in a timely manner and ensures parity among all six languages, both in terms of simultaneous distribution of documents and in the provision of skilled interpretation.

Other Core Activities


Other core activities of the Bureau relate to the management and the provision of services to the Governing Bodies and ICAO Secretariat in areas of meetings and conferences organization, office services, records and documents management and administration. All activities are exercised by encouraging a creative, open-minded approach to adopt best practices in order to modernize administration and services throughout the Organization.
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