Enterprise Technology Services

​The Enterprise Technology Section (ETS), is a service provider, which plans, acquires or develops and manages the organization’s enterprise applications and systems. Key activities of the Section include the establishment of core infrastructure and network services; software development and support for enterprise applications; Enterprise Architecture and Project Management; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system support, Web management as well as Regional Offices support.

The Section consists of three (3) units:


1.) The Core Services and Infrastructure Management (CSIM) Unit, which oversees:

Core system services including the establishment, maintenance and management of operating systems on servers, workstations, storage and Storage Area Network (SAN) as well as the operations, implementation and management of the Network Infrastructure.

Office automation and Service Operations, oversight of the Help desk, as well as the management of application services like Email, Office Applications, first level user support, service management and, IT asset acquisition and management including their maintenance and inventory.

Telephony, Conference Support and Delegations Services including the management and deployment of Telephony services, supporting meetings and events and delivering ad-hoc support services for Resident Delegations.


2.) Enterprise Applications Services Unit (EAS), which oversees:

Solution acquisition and/or development including the installation, configuration, maintenance, quality assurance, vulnerability testing, and operational management of Enterprise Applications such as the SharePoint platform, the ERP System (Agresso), Confluence, Jira, etc.

Technical services for web publishing covering Public Websites, the Secure Portal and the Intranet as well as user access management across those platforms.

Web content publishing support for the Offices of the Secretary General and President of the Council (OSG and PRES) servicing e.g. the Council and ANC Websites, ICAO-NET, and any website requiring multilingual content management support.


3.) Enterprise Architecture and Project Management Unit, (EAPM), which oversees:

Development and Management of Enterprise Architecture framework including stakeholder interaction and collaboration modalities.

Provision and coordination of Solution and solution architecture scenarios as well as Business Analysts (BA) resource pools for Business process and work programme automation.

Project Management (PM) artefacts and system tools as well as provide support PM activities across the organization.

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