Photo Gallery


From left to right ...
Ms. Anne McGinley (Chairman, Air Transport Committee), Dr. Assad Kotaite (President of ICAO Council), Mr. Mapa Faletau (Chairman of the Conference), Mr. R.C. Costa Pereira (ICAO Secretary General), Mr. Mohamed Elamiri (Director, Air Transport Bureau), Mr. John Gunther (Chief, Economic Policy Section)
Mr. Mapa Faletau
From left to right
Mr. Chris Lyle (Deputy Director, Air Transport Bureau), Mr. R.C. Costa Pereira, Dr. Assad Kotaite, Mr. Mapa Faletau , Mr. Mohamed Elamiri
From left to right beginning back row

Mr. Y. Wang, Mr. Charlie Dudley, Mr. Chris Lyle, Mr. Mohamed Elamiri, Mr. John Gunther,
Mr. Toru Hasegawa, Mrs. Magda Boulos
Dr. Assad Kotaite, Mr. Mapa Faletau, Mr. R.C. Costa Pereira
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