Seminar Publication

The International Civil Aviation Organization is pleased to announce a partnership with the World Markets Research Centre (WMRC) for the production of the official publication of the Seminar. ICAO has commissioned the WMRC to produce a publication called Business Briefing: Aviation in Transition - Challenges & Opportunities of Liberalization. The book and CD-ROM are the exclusive and official publication for the Seminar and will be distributed directly to all delegates and attending aviation professionals and to senior aviation professionals worldwide. This unique publication and CD-ROM have been designed to focus on the key areas identified within the Seminar and Conference, and to act as a platform for information exchange and dialogue. It will contain papers and articles from eminent professionals within the aviation sector.

Please visit the WMRC Web site for full details about the report and CD-ROM. Sponsors of this WMRC publication are shown below.
For further information about the project please contact:
Ana Barco, Publishing Director (E-mail:
Air Atlanta Icelandic CAE flightscape
Anstett Worldwide IHS
ASP Romania Intelisys Aviation Systems
Ariane Information Metron Aviation
ARINC OAG Aviation
Basch & Rameh Raytheon
Booze Allen Hamilton SR Technics
Croatia Airlines Swissport


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