ICAO Headquarters, Montréal, Canada

Airports Council International (ACI)
As the international association of the world's airports, ACI is a non-profit organization, the prime purpose of which is to foster cooperation among its member airports and with other partners in world aviation, including governmental, airline and aircraft manufacturing organizations.
Airways International
Airways International offers a comprehensive range of services that include strategic planning, corporatisation policy development and implementation, commercial management and planning, economic analysis and financial structuring related to the commercial provision of air navigation services.
Bureau Veritas
Since 1922, The Aeronautics & Space Division of Bureau Veritas is a world reference in risk prevention, safety and aerospace quality. It collaborates with more than 40 civil aviation authorities and over 20 airlines, as well as with many aeronautics and spatial industrialists throughout the world. It publishes the International Register of Civil Aircraft, IRCA, in cooperation with the ICAO and in association with the British and Italian authorities.
CPG Consultants
CPG Consultants Pte Ltd is Singapore's most experienced airport planning and multidisciplinary practice, with more than 160 years of history developing infrastructure and public works for Singapore. Their dedicated Airport Development Division has over 30 years of expertise in airport project and construction management, planning and programming, engineering, architectural design, interior architecture, geo-technical and civil engineering, and pre and post-construction services.
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Offers educations programmes in the science, practice and business of the world of aviation and aerospace, including distance learning
Designs software for flight instrument procedures allowing the elaboration of departure and arrival itineraries at airports. Infolution has recently developed, in collaboration with ICAO, PANS-OPS Software, based on ICAO standards and technical publications.
A systems integrator and turnkey supplier of aviation and telecommunication projects worldwide.
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
IATA is the trade association of the world's international airline industry. Originally founded in 1919, it now groups together over 275 airlines, including all of the world's largest. These airlines fly over 98 percent of all international scheduled air traffic.
International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)
The ITF, founded in 1896, is the global union federation for transportation workers. The ITF Aviation Section covers all categories of employment and all sectors of the industry, including airlines, airports, air navigation, maintenance, and handling. The Section has at the core of its work the promotion of aviation safety, service quality and workers rights.
Iridian Technologies
Iridian Technologies, Inc. of Moorestown, New Jersey, United States, is a world leader in authentication technologies based on iris recognition the most accurate biometric identifier. Iris recognition technology identifies people by the unique patterns of the iris - the colored ring around the pupil of the eye.
Singapore Changi Airport Enterprise Pte. Ltd. (SCAE)
SCAE, responsible for the operation of Singapore's Changi Airport, is a subsidary of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore(CAAS). SCAE delivers a comprehensive range of consultancy services which include feasibility studies, planning and terminal design, commercial management, management consultancy, systems acquisition, operational plans and procedures and training. SCAE also pursues airport investment opportunities and participates in the airport operations globally.
Tata Consultancy
Offers global information technology services in aviation as well as other sectors.
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