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ICAO Environmental Tools


ICAO continued to improve its Carbon Emissions and Green Meetings Calculators by updating their databases and methodology which apply the best available industry data to take account of factors such as aircraft type, routing and payload.


Following feedback from users of the ICAO Fuel Savings Estimation Tool (IFSET), the Secretariat is developing a plan to incorporate suggested enhancements. IFSET continues to be used extensively within the communities for air traffic management planning and action plans on emissions reduction.


As a complement to the “rules of thumb” tool supporting the development of action plans on emissions reduction, the Secretariat is currently testing software that automates its use, known as the Environmental Benefits Tool (EBT).


Concurrently with the work initiated within CAEP on sustainable alternative fuels for aviation, the Secretariat is continuing to support States and stakeholders in their effort to develop and deploy alternative fuels, in particular through information-sharing. This includes regular updates to the Global Framework for Aviation Alternative Fuels (GFAAF), the web platform for information collection and dissemination through which a unique database on developments in aviation alternative fuels is made available to the aviation community.


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