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Carbon Inventory and Climate Neutral Initiative


ICAO continued to work with other UN agencies in support of generating their emissions inventories from air travel and with the integration of the ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator into their travel systems and into a GHG reporting software common to all UN organizations.


ICAO GHG Inventory


As part of the United Nations initiative to achieve climate neutrality throughout the United Nations system, ICAO updated its carbon inventory during 2014 and estimated the Secretariat’s carbon footprint for 2013 using the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator as well as ICAO’s Carbon Emissions Calculator. The total annual ICAO carbon footprint was computed as approximately 6 000 metric tonnes of CO2, with air travel and electricity consumption accounting for most of the emissions.


Climate Summit, Climate Neutrality and UN Goals


On the occasion of the 2014 UN Climate Summit, ICAO cooperated with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and UNFCCC Secretariats in helping the UN Secretary-General to “green” the UN Summit and in organizing a climate neutral event. The ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator was used to estimate the air travel-related component of the carbon emissions generated by the Summit and its delegates.

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