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Global Market-based Measures (MBM) Scheme


In February, the ICAO Council agreed on a clear process and roadmap for the development of a global MBM scheme for international aviation, with expected milestones and necessary governance structure, including the establishment of the Environment Advisory Group (EAG). The EAG met eight times in 2014 and has been working extensively on a global MBM scheme under the direction of the Council, using a “Strawman” approach, which started with a simple and basic proposal for a global MBM scheme with a view to generating the discussion on advantages and disadvantages of design elements and allowing for the improvements of the Strawman. This iterative approach will ensure the full engagement of States and other stakeholders, taking into account inputs from different sources. The Council and EAG were provided technical support by CAEP in developing some of the technical design elements for a global MBM scheme and in analysing the impacts of the Strawman.



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