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State Action Plans


As of December 2014, 75 States representing approximately 82 per cent of year 2009 international RTK have submitted action plans to ICAO.


Guidance Material Update


A group of experts from CAEP worked with the Secretariat to refine the Guidance on the Development of States’ Action Plans on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities (Doc 9988), with the aim of enhancing the capacity of States to develop and/or improve an action plan.


Improvements were made to simplify the methodologies for the calculation of emissions and to enable the submission of more robust data in the action plans, which would also facilitate the compilation of global emissions data by ICAO. In this regard, and in cooperation with the CAEP ad-hoc expert group, a new tool, “Rules of Thumb for Estimating Benefits”, was developed by the ICAO Secretariat, using publicly available information, and was included in the guidance material. The Rules of Thumb tool was presented to the CAEP Steering Group meeting in September, where CAEP recognized this new tool as valuable in estimating the benefits from the mitigation measures indicated in State action plans in a consistent manner. The update also includes the addition of new text regarding stakeholders’ involvement and the organizational arrangements needed to support the development and implementation of an action plan.


Regional Seminars


Updated guidance material has been used as the basis for regional seminars for State action plans. Five seminars were held in 2014 – in Mexico and Peru in April; in Cameroon and Kenya in June; and in Malaysia in October.


Positive feedback was received during the seminars, and national action plan focal points were provided with practical, hands-on assistance in terms of the development and enhancement of the various aspects of action plans, and obtained further guidance and concrete examples of measures from which they may select, evaluate and prioritize to mitigate aviation CO2 emissions. The material provided in each of these seminars has been made available on the ICAO action plan website.






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