2014 Seminars

Environmental Seminars

ICAO Environmental ​Seminars


With a view to supporting its member States in their efforts to take action on aviation and climate change,  on 1 April 2014 ICAO will launch a series of  back-to-back ICAO “International Aviation and Environment” and “States’ Action Plans” Seminars.
These back-to-back Seminars will be conducted in each ICAO Region.
A final seminar on States’ Action Plans, for States’ Focal Points and Action Plan Team, will be held at ICAO Headquarters, in Montréal, Canada, on 18 September 2015, following the ICAO “Global Aviation Partnerships on Emissions Reductions (E-GAP)” Seminar. (http://www.icao.int/Meetings/EGAP/Pages/default.aspx)

​ICAO “International Aviation and Environment” Seminar​

This two day Seminar is open to the general public and is directed toward authorities responsible for civil aviation and the environment, energy, industry, civil society, academia,  national Action Plan Focal Points, and other related representatives. It will  provide an overview of the work of  ICAO Committee on Aviation and  Environmental  Protection – CAEP, ICAO policies and guidance material and will include the following topics: 

  • Aviation and Environmental Outlook – Trends and ICAO tools
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Local Air Quality (technology, operations)
  • Global Emissions
  • Sustainable Alternative Fuels
  • Market-based Measures
  • Technology, Operations
  • Green Airports
  • States’ Action Plans and Assistance to States
  • Financing​


ICAO “States’ Action Plans” Seminar

This two day Seminar will immediately follow the “International Aviation and Environment” Seminar.

This event is reserved to the designated national Action Plan Focal Points. 

This hands-on, practice-based Seminar will cover the following topics:


        • Update of the ICAO Guidance on State Action Plans
        • Action Plan Emissions Reduction (APER) Website, Supporting Documents, and ICAO Tools
        • Review of the Action Plan
        • Assistance for the Implementation of the Action Plan
        • State Presentations – Best Practices


Presentations available on the APER website.

 Seminars, 2015

European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Region ​Poland 18-20 March 2015 Agenda Presentations
Middle East (MID) Region Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
23-25 March 2015 Agenda Presentations

 Completed Seminars, 2014

North America, Central American,
Caribbean (NACC) Region
​Mexico City, Mexico ​1-4 April 2014 ​Agenda Presentations
South American (SAM) Region ​Lima, Peru ​7-10 April 2014 Agenda ​Presentations
Western and South African (WACAF) Region ​Yaoundé, Cameroon ​11-13 June 2014 Agenda Presentations
Eastern and South African (ESAF) Region Nairobi, Kenya 16-18 June 2014 Agenda Presentations
Asia and Pacific (APAC) Region ​Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ​28-30 October 2014 Agenda Presentations
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