​ICAO “International Aviation and Environment” Seminar​

7 - 8 April 2014, Lima, Peru



ICAO Environmental work

  1. ICAO Environmental Work
    Jane Hupe, Chief Environment Branch, ICAO


  1. Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)
    Jane Hupe, ICAO
  2. Argentina’s Engagement in CAEP Activities
    Carlos R. Fernandez, Argentina
  3. Brazil’s Support to CAEP
    Alexandre Filizola, Brazil


Recent Developments

  1. Recent Developments in ICAO
    Jane Hupe, ICAO

Aviation and Environment Outlook - Trends and ICAO Tools 

  1. Environmental Trends
    Ted Thrasher, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. ICAO Environmental Tools
    Ted Thrasher, ICAO


Aircraft Noise

  1. Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management
    Jane Hupe, ICAO
  2. Aircraft Noise Technology and International Noise Standards
    Neil Dickson, Environment Branch, ICAO

Local Air Quality

  1. Local Air Quality and ICAO Engine Emission Standards
    Neil Dickson, ICAO
  2. ICAO Airport Air Quality Manual
    Neil Dickson, ICAO


Global Emissions

Technology and Operational Improvements

  1. Fuel and CO2 Benefits from ASBU Block 0
    Ted Thrasher, ICAO
  2. Mejorías Operacionales y Medio Ambiente
    Julio Pereira, Oficial Regional ATM/SAR, ICAO
  3. Global Emissions Technology
    Dr. Neil Dickson, ICAO


Alternative Fuels

  1. Sustainable Alternative Fuels for Aviation
    Philippe Novelli, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. IDB Initiative on Biofuels for Aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
    Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho, Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
  3. Development of Aviation BioJet Fuel in Argentina
    Raul Mingo, Argentina
  4. Sustainable Alternative Fuels – The Brazilian Experience
    Alexandre Filizola, Brazil




  1. Airport Planning Manual Part 2, Land-use and Environmental Control
    Blandine Ferrier, ICAO
  2. Gestión Ambiental del Aeropuerto - una visión general
    Rudolfo Bazán, ACI


Market-based Measures 

  1. Tracking of Aviation Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Improvements / Market-based Measures
    Michael Schneider, IATA


States' Action Plans and Assistance to States

  1. State Action Plans
    Blandine Ferrier, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. Assistance to States
    Ananthanarayan Sainarayan, ICAO



  1. Financing
    Ananthanarayan Sainarayan, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. UNDP-GEF Delivering Climate Finance
    Jorge Alvarez, UNDP

International Cooperation

  1. Partnerships
    Jane Hupe, ICAO




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