​International Aviation and Environment

  1. ICAO's Environmental Work
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat

Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)

  1. Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. United Arab Emirate's Role in CAEP
    Presented by United Arab Emirates
  3. Egypt's Participation in CAEP
    Presented by Egypt

Recent Developments 

  1. Recent Developments in ICAO
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat

Aviation and Environment Outlook - Trends and ICAO Tools

  1. Environmental Trends
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. ICAO Environmental Tools
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  3. Introduction to the ICAO Fuel Savings Estimation Tool (IFSET) - practical exercises
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat



  1. Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management 
    Presented by ICAO
  2. Aircraft Noise Technology and International Noise Standards
    Presented by ICAO

Local Air Quality

  1. Local Air Quality and ICAO Engine Emissions Standards
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. ICAO Airport Air Quality Manual
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat

Global Emissions – Operations 

  1. Global Emissions Technology 
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. Operational Improvements and Environment
    Presented by ICAO Deputy Regional Director, Middle East
  3. Fuel and CO2 Benefits from ASBU Block 0
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat


Global Emissions – Market-Based Measures

  1. An Introduction to Market-based Measures
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. Tracking of Aviation Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Improvements/Market Based Measures
    Presented by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Sustainable Alternative Fuels

  1. Sustainable Alternative Fuels for Aviation
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. Pilot Facility - Integrated Seawater Energy and Agricultural System
    Presented by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates
  3. Overview of FAA Alternative Jet Fuel Efforts
    Presented by USA, Federal Aviation Administration

Green Airports

  1. Green Airports
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. Airport GHG and other Environmental Management
    Presented by Airports Council International (ACI)


  1. Assistance and Financing
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat
  2. UNDP and the GEF - Delivering Climate Finance
    Presented by UNDP


International Cooperation

  1. Partnerships
    Presented by ICAO Secretariat



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