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Human Resources

Human Resource Capacity-building Initiatives for International Civil Aviation


Human Resources


A total of 676 staff were in service on 31 December 2014, including 503 financed by the Regular Programme Budget, 60 by the Administrative and Operational Services Costs (AOSC) fund, and 113 by extra-budgetary funds. Of the total number of staff, 325 were in the Professional (P) and higher categories, and 351 in the General Services (GS) category. Eighty-seven (87) Member States were represented in the Secretariat in the Professional and higher categories.


The overall representation of women reached 29 per cent in the Professional and higher categories. At the senior level, representation stood at 6 per cent for D-1 posts and at 40 per cent for D-2 posts. The Organization benefitted from contributions of 10 secondees and 49 gratis personnel, obtained through partnership arrangements with Member States and aviation authorities. In 2014, 28 new gratis personnel were welcomed to the Organization.


In the area of Human Resources management policy, the Council approved the criteria for granting continuing appointments to Secretariat staff, and The ICAO Service Code was amended accordingly. Based on this decision, continuing appointments for staff were implemented to reach the target of one third of the workforce established by the Council. The granting of continuing appointments has further enhanced the harmonization of ICAO’s business practices with those of other Organizations of the United Nations common system, with the added benefit of increasing job satisfaction and morale of staff.


For reasons of operational efficiency, the Council also approved amendments to the Staff Regulations governing recruitment by standardizing contractual arrangements of term limits for all D-2 and D-1 level posts and establishing a maximum duration for the completion of the recruitment process, from the issuance of the vacancy notice to the appointment decision. In addition, the Administrative Instructions on Secondments were revised.


Human Resources management sections continue to critically review and update rules and procedures for the administration of ICAO’s human resources.


At the beginning of the year, Human Resources management sections were restructured in order to provide better focus and improved services by creating a section that is responsible for recruitment, classification and post management.


Medical services to staff and delegations were also improved through an expansion of the Medical Centre.

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