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Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness in Security Measures

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Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness in Facilitation Measures

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Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness in Security Measures


On 14 November 2014, Amendment 14 to Annex 17 — Security became applicable. It includes revised and new provisions necessary to address vulnerabilities in the global aviation security framework. These provisions are designed to:   


promote effective measures by defining “unpredictability” to increase deterrent effects;
​ensure greater coordination between all entities in relation to landside security;


​strengthen cargo screenıng requirements by stipulating that cargo must be screened by the most   appropriate method, taking into account the nature of the consignment;


​ensure greater sustainability of measures through international cooperation;


​strengthen oversight of external security service providers;


​enhance effectiveness of measures against insider threat through periodic awareness training; and


​ensure a risk-based cybersecurity regime.


The publication of Amendment 14 to Annex 17 was accompanied by the issuance of the Ninth Edition of the Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973/9), in English, with other language versions to follow in the first quarter of 2015. The latest edition of Doc 8973 provides aviation security authorities with strengthened guidance to implement Annex 17 provisions, including those introduced by Amendment 14. Furthermore, and recognizing the importance of ensuring that security defences remain at all times appropriate and proportionate to the risk, in March ICAO published the Third Edition of the ICAO Aviation Security Global Risk Context Statement. The document includes a thorough analysis of the threats to civil aviation and provides Member States with a robust methodology for further developing their national risk assessments.


With a view to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the ICAO Point of Contact (PoC) Network, tests were conducted in all ICAO Regions. The tests provided the opportunity for all PoCs in the Region to evaluate the new functionalities of the improved PoC platform, and thus confirmed the Network’s efficiency and effectiveness as a means of transmitting information on imminent threats.


Throughout 2014, ICAO continued to make improvements to its online tools, such as the AVSECPaedia, Acts of Unlawful Interference Database (AUID) and the AVSECNET. These web platforms are being used by many States, providing them with information on a broad range of matters in aviation security.

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