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Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security

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Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security


ICAO held its first-ever Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security, from 21 to 23 October, at ICAO Headquarters in order to foster a dialogue among States, industry and academia about security innovation. Attended by more than 350 people representing 67 States and 13 international organizations, this Symposium helped achieve a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, and highlighted the importance of collaboration among aviation security stakeholders in identifying emerging threats as well as new and innovative processes and technologies to thwart those threats.


The panel discussions identified political factors, commerce and economic factors, science and scientific methods as playing a critical role in innovation. The event highlighted that innovation is not just about technology but rather about optimizing all elements of current security systems including people, human factors, policy and regulation; and it was further recognized that innovations in aviation security could be readily transferred through closer collaboration amongst States and within the aviation community.


During the event, the numerous participants conveyed a clear message that leveraging innovative solutions is critical to the development of future aviation security systems that are not only more efficient, effective and sustainable, but also provide passengers with an improved travel experience. Throughout the many insightful presentations, panelists and participants were able to share their experiences in applying innovative concepts, approaches and technologies with the goal of enhancing aviation security in all respects.

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