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Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects (TCB)


Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects (TCB)


During 2014, there were nine national and three regional operationally active technical cooperation projects related to the improvement of environmental protection. 


Asia and Pacific (APAC) Region


  • Development of specifications for the replacement of the existing primary surveillance radar/secondary surveillance radar (PSR/SSR) facility, the area control centre (ACC) and the tower of an airport in one State, with a view to applying environmental protection standards;
  • Preparation of a coordinated work plan for the implementation of a comprehensive project for sustainable development and implementation of national response measures relating to climate change and carbon emission reductions; and
  • Delivery of the Airport Green House Gas Management training course to five participants of five States under the Developing Countries Training Programme of one State.


Caribbean and South American (CAR/SAM) Region


  • Assistance in the development of an environmental study of an airport in one State.


Technical assistance projects and activities
During 2014, there were no national or regional operationally active technical assistance projects related to the improvement of environmental protection.


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